扇 - Ougi -


Auspicious fan obi clasp for ceremonies and celebrations

~ Stylish obidome with an auspicious fan design for New Year and festive occasions ~


Since ancient times, fans have been regarded as a good omen for prosperity and good luck, and are also used as a lucky charm to ward off evil spirits and establish love.

We have combined this auspicious fan design with Japanese paper, a traditional Japanese craft, to create a lucky obi sash clip (obi ornaments).

An eye-catching and auspicious fan accessory for New Year's, ceremonies, and celebrations.

~ From Fukushima Prefecture, the island of good fortune, we bring you good fortune. ~

■Specification: Obi-dome(Japanese Accessories and Kimono Accessories)

※Width of metal fitting: approx. 8 x 20 mm

※Obi width: 15mm (can be used for 12mm quarter-string)


※Fan design = approx. 50×25mm (W×H)

※Washi glass design = approx. 25mm in diameter

■Weight: Approx. 5g

■Color: Red, white, black, black camellia, etc.

※The color may differ slightly from the image depending on the location of the Washi paper to be cut out.

(This is a unique piece of Washi paper jewelry with a unique color pattern in the world.)

※If you would like to have other colors, please choose one from the picture and write your desired color pattern in the "Remarks" column when you make your purchase.

■Material: Japanese paper, etc.

※Fan part = Japanese paper, etc. (resin-coated back side)

※Washi glass = Japanese paper, glass cabochon, etc.

※Obidome = copper, etc.

■Packing: In a Japanese paper box

※External dimensions: approx. 75 x 75 x 30 mm (thickness: 30 mm), weight: approx. 30 g
(The size of the Washi box may change.) *Size and color of the Washi box are not selectable.

※The size and color of the Japanese paper box cannot be selected.

■Delivery date: Please refer to the note in the footer at the end of this page.


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(1) Designs and ornaments are subject to change without notice.

※ The position and design of charms may change due to quality improvement and design revisions. Please be aware that we will send you the latest design before purchasing.

※We will notify you of any design changes before production, so please register your membership and e-mail address.

※If you do not register your e-mail address, or if we are unable to contact you, we will leave it to our discretion to manufacture and ship the product, or we may cancel your order.

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