Custom-made example №12 Gift * Gorgeous red, black and gold earrings and hairpin set*

Looks great on stage
A combination of bright red, black, and gold washi paper
A gorgeous pair of earrings and a hairpin
 A set of fan-shaped earrings made of bright red Japanese paper and a luxurious black and gold hairpin. 

■Features: Luxurious red, black, and gold accessories that look great with stage costumes.

※A gorgeous and beautiful set of earrings and hairpin that looks great in stage costumes.

※Asymmetrical earrings made from a combination of bright red high-grade Japanese paper and gold-colored Japanese paper. Sprinkled with gold powder, the design sparkles every time you move on stage.

※The hairpin is designed with black and gold washi paper that goes with any costume, and is an auspicious accessory that combines a fan, a symbol of happiness and mating prosperity.

※The hairpin has a pearl charm that swings to create a beautiful accessory that draws the eyes of those around you every time you move.

※This is an example of a custom-made product. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

■Specifications: earrings (can be changed to pierced earrings) & hairpin set

※Earrings can be changed to pierced earrings.

※The hairpin can be changed to "comb" type. If you would like to change it, please contact us from the following link.

■Size: Earrings: approx. 4.5 cm in length and 4.5 cm in width / Hairpin: approx. 13 cm in length and 1.2 cm in width for the ornament part About 2cm
Both earrings and hairpins have charms that sway.

■Material: Japanese paper, etc.
※Earring fittings = stainless steel

※Fan and flower part = Japanese paper

※Washi glass cabochon = Washi paper and glass

※Other charms = brass, etc.

■Note: All of our products are handmade and unique in the world.
※All of our works are carefully handmade one by one.

Therefore, it is not possible to create a product that is exactly the same as the one shown in the product image.

Please understand this in advance and enjoy the one-of-a-kind brilliance of the piece that arrives at your hand.

We are happy to make custom-made products for you. Please click here to contact us.

■Delivery: Shipping method and gift wrapping
You can choose delivery method and gift wrapping. Please click here for details.

■Delivery time
Usually takes about 7 to 10 days after receiving your order (payment).

※However, during the peak season (around June-August and October-January), please allow a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 3 months for delivery. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 3 months for delivery.

※If you are in a hurry, please indicate in the comment box when you make your purchase. However, please understand that it will take at least 3 days to ship even at the earliest.

※In the case of custom-made items, we will make a decision after discussing with the customer.

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